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Wild Country 13HELIP
Wild Country Helium Cleanwire
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Detailed Description

The world's best wiregate has been designed for elite climbers everywhere and the Helium's unparalleled combination of extreme lightweight, high strength and 'Clean-wire' no hook nose make it the ultimate on-sighting biner.

When the Wild Country Helium concept was initially launched a major focus was to make a wire gate but with none of the traditional drawbacks a wire has; that they can hook up on bolts or wires, can unclip more easily than snap gates, and are susceptible to opening if lying against the rock.

To get round these took a lot of 'blue sky' thinking a lot of pencils and a shedload of engineering time. The solution was the 'Clean-wire' hooded nose and new flat-wire gate. With this combination of features the Helium counters to a huge degree all these traditional problems by covering the gate within the nose not allowing it to get hooked up.

Colors: Red
Weight: 33 grams (1.16 oz)
Strength 24 kN (major axis), 7 kN (minor axis), 9 kN (open)
Gate Opening: 27 mm (1.8")

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