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Wild Country 12RWA010/A020
Wild Country Anodized Rocks
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The original curved nut and probably the best selling piece of pro’ ever, Wild Country Rocks have had a radical makeover to bring them back to the forefront of technology.

As the ‘building blocks’ of any rack it is imperitive that the form and function of Rocks was as effective as possible, and considering the original design had changed little in 20 years it was felt that it was about time to re-invigorate the designs to make sure they were as cutting edge as the climbers who would utilise them.

The parameters of this process were to look at size, shape, weight and performance to see whether and how we could influence each of these to produce a better product.

Four new sizes 11 – 14:
The first and most obvious of the changes was to extend the usefulness of the pieces by increasing the size range. This meant that they gained in a number of ways and became:

A) A great wired equivalent to the mega-useful Rockentrics

B) A simple and cheap equivalent to bigger cams for those just starting out

C) A better tool for winter climbing.

Lighter & thinner:
The side-walls on sizes 7-14 have been re-worked to optimise their strength to weight ratio making these new units incredibly light for their size. This was a slightly more difficult task and required a lot of testing to optimise this to get the correct strength to weight ratio but has resulted in a substantial weight saving, meaning you can carry more for less. For example if one compares the old sizes 7 – 10 which weighed 216 grams / 8.5 oz with the new sizes at 186 grams / 7.3 oz there is around a 14% saving – a not inconsiderable sum from an essential part of your rack.

Anodised colour coding:
Supercool matt anodising makes Rocks easier to distinguish and faster to select. Although this may seem obvious until you use a set it’s impossible to imagine how much easier gear selection is and how quickly each size becomes recognisable by colour. It is also important to note that each colour co-ordinates with the equivalent Friend and Zero size as well as all other colour coded Wild Country products. e.g a Rock 6 in Red is the same size as a Zero cam 6 and a Friend 1/2.

Tapered sides:
A neat five degree side cut gives new and more solid ‘end-on’ placement possibilities. Again a simple modification but one which we feel gives more possibilities and extends the range of placements and therefore the versatility of every nut.

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