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Perfecto DVD
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Among Mallorca's fragrant almond groves, famed nightclubs and speedo-sporting Eurotourists, limestone cliffs rise straight from the sea like sentinels, their steep pockets beckoning to climbers the world over. A fall means splashing into 80 degree water, drying off and trying again - from the bottom. Some call it climbing in its purest form. Others call it a hell of a way to spend a few weeks. Last season, a small group of climbers traveled to those sea cliffs to learn the intricacies of deep water soloing and to try, unrehearsed, some of the hardest - and most aesthetic - routes in the world. Directed and produced by Mike Call, the Perfecto dvd captures the beauty, adrenaline and purity of the Mallorca experience

Release Date: 8/1/08
Running Time: 58 Minutes

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