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Ortovox S1 Scanner Avalanche Beacon
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Ortovox Avalanche Transceivers

Deep snow is a dream – avalanches a nightmare. As the world's first sensor-controlled avalanche scanner, the Ortovox S1 enables rescue situations to be solved in the shortest possible time. Because time is the all-important factor. In case of an accident, there are only minutes to ensure that victims survive.

The whole situation in the avalanche area can be quickly assessed at a glance on the large display. In case of multiple victims, the revolutionary sensor control can show the location of up to four people simultaneously in a clearly visible manner. The sensor acts as an aerial and the earth's magnetic field as a reference in order to be able to depict the location of the victims exactly.
The guidance on the refined search takes you straight to the nearest victim, whilst the display is updated in real time thanks to continuous signal processing. Thus there is no chance of wasting time during the search between two different signals. Once the first victim has been located, this signal can be deleted so that the search can immediately be continued.

When it comes to pinpoint location, the most time-consuming part of the whole search, a completely new type of display once again helps to save valuable time: decreasing circles retain the principle of intuitive operation. The S1 means that rescuing multiple victims is no longer just a job for the professionals – a huge plus in avalanche protection for anyone exploring the mountains in winter.

The S1 features an illuminated display, an electronic compass, a temperature display and even a slope-measuring device, which when determining the slope gradient, one of the most important criteria for assessing avalanche risk, provides an invaluable service. Naturally the S1 comes in a functional holster and offers numerous additional options for professionals: for example an extensive check function for the group test before a skiing expedition.

Function: digital + sensor-controlled
Frequency: 457 kHz
Range: 65 m
Battery: 3 x AAA LR3 mini 1,5 V
Transmitting: 350 h
Receiving: 20 h
Weight: 260 g
Size: 120 x 80 x 30 mm
Warranty: 5 Yrs

Electronic compass
Termperature information
Measurement of inclination
Carrying case

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