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Metolius WOOD025
Metolius Wood Grips Climbing Holds 25 Pack
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Metolius Rock Climbing Wood Grips

Metolius rock climbing holds made from wood. In many ways, wood is one of the most remarkable natural materials the planet has to offer us. It is strong, lightweight, workable and undeniably beautiful. It also grows on trees, so if we're wise about its use, it can always be replenished. Another amazing feature is that it feels incredible to the touch. When used in rock climbing holds, it seems to do the impossible: provide enough texture for excellent grip while having minimal impact on the skin. Wood is the perfect medium for people who want to train hard and save as much skin as possible for the next session. The combo of wood and chalk gives an excellent grip without resorting to textured surfaces which can dig into the skin.

We have actually been making wood climbing holds for quite a few years now in the form of Campus Rungs. We are pleased to be able to extend this technology to the climbing holds themselves. No small feat as each and every Wood Grip is tooled individually by hand!

The wood we are currently using is from the Alder family. It is a relatively soft hardwood and is plentiful in nature. For many years, it was looked upon as a trash wood by the logging industry and was cut and burned on-site. Alder is actually a beautiful wood with a solid grain structure and good strength; it is also fairly lightweight and perfect for making wooden climbing grips. Wood Grips are a great compliment to any wall and help add variety to your training, a key element in keeping things diverse, fun and interesting. Approx.
weight 18 lbs.   NOTE:  If you require Express shipping, please call for a quote.

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