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Metolius UNUT001
Metolius Ultralight Curve Nuts
Metolius Ultralight Curve Nuts
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Detailed Description

Metolius Rock Climbing Nuts

Rock climbing nuts with curved faces have long been the standard in passive protection. The curved faces provide 3 points of contact with the rock, which make the nuts more stable as well as more versatile than older, straight-sided nut designs. However, existing curved nut designs have been limited by the available technology. Metolius has been working to perfect CNC machining to the point that they can sculpt almost any shape they want from metal. This has allowed them to optimize the shape of the nut and orient the curve from side to side rather than top to bottom. The Metolius Curve Nut shape offers all the advantages of existing curved nut designs (3 points of contact), but it is naturally more stable in flares, and because they have a straight taper from top to bottom, it is much easier to judge placement quality.

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30% lighter by attaching the cable directly to the nut.
Anodized heads are color-coded to match our cam colors.
Combines the stability of 3-point contact with the ease of a straight-sided taper.
CNC technology for optimized shape.
Side-to-side curve for greater stability in flaring placements.
Straight-sided taper makes it easy to judge placement quality.
CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.
CE certified.

# Size Strength Weight
1 .36 - .52" 1573 lbf(7 kN) 0.7 oz(19 g)
2 .40 - .54" 1573 lbf(7 kN) 0.7 oz(19 g)
3 .45 - .56" 1573 lbf(7 kN) 0.7 oz(19 g)
4 .50 - .63" 1573 lbf(7 kN) 0.8 oz(22 g)
5 .56 - .70" 1573 lbf(7 kN) 0.8 oz(22 g)
6 .63 - .78" 2250 lbf(10 kN) 1.2 oz(34 g)
7 .70 - .88" 2250 lbf(10 kN) 1.3 oz(36 g)
8 .79 - .98" 2250 lbf(10 kN) 1.5 oz(42 g)
9 .88 - 1.10" 2250 lbf(10 kN) 1.6 oz(45 g)
10 .98 - 1.20" 2250 lbf(10 kN) 1.9 oz(53 g)

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