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Grivel 756783
Grivel 360 Degree Ice Screws
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Grivel Ice Climbing Screws

The 360 ice screw can benefit all ice climbers. In situations where safety depends on speedy screw placement (crevasse rescue or steep ice) the Grivel 360's sharp bite and easy starting are quite reassuring. When obstructions of rock or ice prevent a normal fixed hanger's rotation, the 360's handle may be lifted away from the surface and turned freely. These Grivel 360 ice climbing screws' super-slick finish makes it very difficult for ice to clog its core.
The 360's efficiency makes it possible to place an ice screw where and when you want to, not just where and when you are able to. Once placed, the short hanger reduces leverage during an outward pull (only encountered on overhanging terrain). The reverse thread increases resistance to an outward pull. The "hydrodynamic" design (radiused, rather than sharp edges) ensures easy penetration even into the coldest, hardest ice.

"Grivel has come up with a unique screw design, replacing the traditional lever-style hanger with a close-in hanger sporting a folding wire handle. The handle pivots outward for easy, continuous cranking irrespective of pesky ice texture. For this reason, the 360 is the only screw in this review that could be placed in corners or pockets. Relocating the clip-in point closer to the screw's main axis also prevents the hanger from levering against the tube. The screw started easily and cranked almost effortlessly, due in large part to the leverage of the handle, and - to a lesser extent - Grivel's inverted thread design (the threads flange outward instead of inward). Ice cores popped out with blowgun ease. The downside is that this screw is heavy, expensive, and bulky. It’s harder to rack and the handle often ended up poking out from the ice like a four-inch hook. Still, with the most innovative and easy-to-place design we tested, the 360 was a review favorite." Climbing Magazine #217

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