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Edelrid 1042 060
Edelrid Rope Apus 7.8 60M Dry
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Edelrid Apus Climbing Rope

The Edelrid Apus rope complies with both twin and double rope standards, making it the ideal climbing rope for alpine, mixed and extreme mountaineering where every gram counts. Despite a very low weight of just over 2 kg for a 50 m length, the Apus can hold an amazing 20 double rope test falls and 8-9 in the twin rope test. This makes the Apus one of the lightest twin ropes on the market with high a degree of safety. The Edelrid Pro Shield treatment keeps the rope dry and dirt free while the Thermo Shield treatment helps keep the rope supple even after heavy and prolonged use.

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Apus Climbing Rope Specs:
Diameter: 7.8 mm
Rope Type: Half/Twin
Weight: 42 g/M
Sheath proportion: 34%
Number of falls: 7-8
Impact force: 9.4 kN
Dynamic elongation: 29/27%
Static elongation: 9.2/6.4%
Sheath slippage: 0 mm

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