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Choosing the right sleeping bag.

2 & 3 Season Ultralight Sleeping Bags:
If you like to pack light and fast through the spring, summer, and fall, we carry a great selection of down & synthetic sleeping bags for you. Most of the bags you will be looking at will be 750, 800, 850, or 900 fill down. Some bags in the ultralight category will be filled with Primaloft synthetic material. The down filled bags will be the lightest and most compressible but need more care to be kept dry in the field. The synthetic bags, on the other hand can handle more moisture, but will be more bulky and generally heavier for the same tamp rating. Temperature ratings to look for will range from 30 degrees F and 55 degrees F. The exact temperature you choose will depend on your specific needs.One good rule of thumb to use when deciding on temp rating is to add 10 degrees to whatever you think your lowest temp will be. However, some people will carry a down jacket and wear that in the bag so they can buy a lighter bag. In that case they will choose a bag that meets the lowest temp they expect to encounter. If you do choose a down sleeping bag make sure you use it in conjunction with a tent, bivy sack, or at least a waterproof sleeping bag cover.

3 Season General Use:
For most situations 3 season sleeping bags will run between 10 and 30 degrees F. What you choose will depend on your specific needs. Again you will have to choose between down and synthetic.

4 Season Synthetic:

4 Season Down:

4 Season waterproof breathable Down:

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